Hannes Frykholm is an architect (UC Berkeley and LTH, (MSc. Arch)), educator and researcher. He holds a PhD in architecture from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden, where he has been teaching the master studio "Infrastructural Love". His doctoral thesis, Building the City from the Inside, considers entrance situations that occur between buildings and cities, in order to develop new ways of investigating architecture and urban transformation. The thesis points to the threshold of three buildings as sites of a transformational relationship between architecture and capitalism, whereby the city is reconfigured through the extension of interiors out to sidewalks and squares. He has been a practicing architect in Sweden for 10 years, and is a member of FyR Architects, a Stockholm- and Madrid-based practice. From 2022, he is the Rothwell Chair Postdoctoral Associate at The University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning, in collaboration with Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal.


Dr. Hannes Frykholm
(Born 11 May 1982)

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Architecture, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm
Architecture Master degree
M.Sc. History of Ideas/M.Sc. Sociology
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1490-8469

Higher education

2014-2020 KTH Royal Institute of Technology, School of Architecture, Doctor of Philosophy
2006-2012 Lunds Tekniska Högskola (LTH), School of Architecture, MSc. Arch
2010-2011 University of California Berkeley, California, College of Environmental Design
2004-2006 Umeå University, Sociology, Master of Science (fil. magisterexamen)
2001-2003 Umeå University, History of Ideas, Master of Arts (fil. magisterexamen)

Pedagogical training

2016 Contemporary Didactics in Architecture Education, Lunds Tekniska Högskola (LTH) in collaboration with Resarc, 5 credits
2015 Oral Presentaiton, Umeå University, PhD course, 1 credit

Work experience

2018-2019 Studio teacher, Master level Year 4-5, Studio 8, “Infrastructural Love”, KTH School of Architecture
2019 Supervisor for thesis diploma students, Studio 8, KTH School of Architecture
2018-current Member of design group FyR Architects.
2017 Seminar teacher, “Introduction to Urban Economics” (AD2865), Sustainable Urban Planning and Design, KTH School of Architecture
2016-2020 PhD Researcher, KTH ABE Architectural Department, supervisors: Daniel Koch, Catharina Gabrielsson, and Roemer van Toorn.
2015 Studio teacher, 2nd year UMA School of Architecture, “Inhabiting the Hinterland”
2014 Studio teacher, Master level, Laboratory of Sustainable Architectural Production (LSAP), UMA School of Architecture.
2014 Seminar instructor, Year 1, Theory and Communication, UMA School of Architecture
2014-2016 PhD Student, UMA School of Architecture, Umeå, Sweden
2009-2022 Architect & Project Architect, Brunnberg & Forshed Arkitektkontor, Stockholm. Project designer and assistant architect in projects for among others SKB (Kv. Persikan, Stockholm), SSM (Kvarteret Trubaduren, Solna), NCC (Tollare Terrass & Tollare Marina, Nacka) & Vasakronan (Alvik Strand redevelopment).
2012 Seminar teacher, Architectural theory bachelor level, School of Architecture LTH
2009-2011 UglyCute Architecture, Stockholm, consulting
2008-2009 Tallius Myhrman Arkitekter, Stockholm, internship


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2005 “En simulering av metropolis: Jean Baudrillard och Los Angeles”, Subaltern 2 (Umeå, 2005).

Awards & Grants

2018 Arkitekturstipendiat, Swedish Institute, Rome, 4 months
2015 “JC Kempes Minnesfund” grant.
2014 Grant from Statens Fastighetsverk “Helgo Zettervall Fund” for research project “Rethinking Inlandsbanan”
2012 1st prize D3 Housing Tomorrow, International Competition, project title “Woolopolis” (in collaboration with Henry Stephens).
2011 Honor Award, UC Berkeley Circus CED Undergraduate Awards.


2017 “Smooth Montage”, exhibition of drawings, Making Effect Resarc Exhibition at Arkdes, September 2017
2014 Venice Biennale Review Exhibition, UMA School of Architecture, Sept-Oct 2014
2012 ”Woolopolis”, D3 Housing Tomorrow, exhibition at Mississippi State University, School of Architecture, March 28th - April 20th 2012
2012 “Excavating Detroit: Archaeological research center, Detroit MI”, exhibition at Malmö Form/Design Center, June 16th – September 9th 2012
2011 “UC Berkeley Circus”, College of Environmental Design exhibition, UC Berkeley, March 3rd – 10th 2011

Conferences (papers presented)

2016 “Infrastructural Love”, paper presented at conference “Architecture & Feminism: Ecologies, Economies, and Technologies”, KTH School of Architecture, 17-19/11, 2016, in collaboration with Olga Tengvall.
2016 “Inside the Backside: On Infrastructures of Desire”, paper presented at conference “Spaces of Desire”, Cardiff University 30/6 – 1/7, 2016
2015 “Reflector”, paper presented at AHRA12 Syncretic Architecture (Plymouth, England), 11 – 13/6, 2015.
2014 “Blasphemous Special Economic Zones”, paper presented at Archtheory ’14 (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul, Turkey), 6-8/11, 2014.
2014 “Future Fields for a Dissensual Architecture”, paper presented at Lanzhou New Area Symposium (Lanzhou New Area, China), 16-18/10, 2014